What's New in Version 7





This tutorial covers only the new features in version 7. Included on this tutorial is the new program Font Creator. Learn how to create your own fonts and use them in Layout and Editing with the text tool.  This is not a digitizing tutorial.  

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Note: resale. copies, transfer of these items is not allowed as per the end user license agreement. Because of the nature of the product, we do not allow  refunds of design sets or tutorials.  If the software is defective, it will be exchanged for the same product.

Layout and Editing

*     Small fonts

*     Use any font for monograms

*     New built in design elements for monograms

*     Use any design as a design element for monograms

*     Shape tool

*     Design Center added as option in Stitch Wizard

*     Text icon added to tool bar

*     New embroidery formats to export/import to/from

*     Triple stitch outline

*     Random walking stitch fill

*     Piping stitch fill for drawn regions

*     Piping stitch fill with motif option for drawn regions

*     Motif fill for manually punched designs

*     Piping with motif option for manually punched designs

*     Adjust space between motifs

*     Load/save personal settings

*     Corner style selection

*     Under sewing grid style option for regions

*     Under sewing for outlines

*     Under sewing for fonts

*     Resize and keep fills and density

*     Image fade levels

*     Non Western style fonts

*     Adjusting text characters

*     Shaping tool for transformed text

*     Photostitch select from candidates

*     Node level editing tools

*     Check for updates on the Internet

*     On screen manuals

*     Drag and drop clipart into Layout and Editing

*     Drag and drop designs into Layout and Editing from Design Data Base

Design Center

*     Detect outlines

*     Split outlines

*     Connect outlines

*     Multicolored outlines

*     More undoes/redoes

*     Display templates

*     Reference window pan & zoom

*     Walking stitch fill

*     Triple stitch outline

*     Under sewing grid style

*     Under sewing for outlines

*     Save/load personal setting

*     Motif attributes

*     Corner styles

*     Layout and Editing added to Stage menu


Design Data Base

*     Drag and drop designs into Layout and Editing

*     Write multiple designs to the embroidery Card

Font Creator

* The entire program is covered














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