Non-digitizers Guide 
to Version 7

Non Digitizers Guide
Computer Basics for Embroiderers

Click on label to view a PDF on how to stitch an appliqué lesson from the tutorial


This guide goes in detail step by step showing you in written form and videos the basics of using the Pe-design software. This guide is for beginner computer users.  One computer cd-rom included in package.

Click on the image of the disk to view 2 pages from the tutorial - stitching appliqués.  This is a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view this lesson.  

Retail Price: $37.95  Dealer inquires welcome

Note: resale. copies, transfer of these items is not allowed as per the end user license agreement. Because of the nature of the product, we do not allow  refunds of design sets or tutorials.  If the software is defective, it will be exchanged for the same product.


*General description of Pe-design® or Palette™
Design Center
Layout and Editing 
Programmable Stitch Creator
Font Creator
Design Data Base
*Desktop folders
*Folders on the computer
*Retrieving designs from E-mail
Open 1 file from zipped folders
            Extract all files from zipped folder
            Save zipped folders
            Extract zipped files from saved zipped folder
            Check to see how full mail box is
*Outlook Express
*Extracting zipped files
*Alternative method to extract zipped file
*Copy design from computer to floppy or flash Drive
*Downloading from the Internet
*My designs don’t look like the designs on the Internet
*Capturing design images – method 1
*Capturing design images – method 2
*Windows Explore views








*Open a design
*Import a design
*Open design from Design Data Base into Layout and Editing
*Drag and Drop into Layout and Editing from Design Data Base
*Import Design into Layout and Editing from Design Data Base
*Import a DST file
*File Property
*Realistic versus Preview
*Selecting a design to edit it
*Copying a design
*Mirroring a design
*Resize a purchased design
*Adding multiple designs to a design page
*Adding Text
*Changing Sewing Order
*Save versus save as
*Edit text
*Moving letters of the text
*Appliqué wizard with the shape tool
*Stitching appliqués
*Millimeters versus Inches
*Design properties
*Design page properties
*Edit a purchased design
*Import designs from an embroidery card


*Display large thumbnails
*Display small thumbnails
*Writing multiple designs to the embroidery card

*Problems and Solutions 



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