Tutorial 7
complete tutorial NO LONGER AVAILABLE






Tutorial for Version 7 of Brothertm PE-Designtm,/BabyLocktm Palettetm home digitizing software is shipping now.  There are over 500 videos for 15+ hours of viewing and OVER 500 pages of printable class notes.   Every icon, menu item and tool is covered in detail and with a video.  Hints and tips are given through out the tutorial.  Learn to use your digitizing software to its fullest potential.  Unlike seminars, you can refer back to the tutorial over and over again whenever you need to. Watch and review a video until you are comfortable with your grasp of the subject. The tutorial is on five computer cd-rom disks.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or better on your computer in order to view the tutorial.  Visit the Adobe website to download their free Acrobat Reader. This tutorial will run with Windows 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP.


Note: resale. copies, transfer of these items is not allowed as per the end user license agreement. Because of the nature of the product, we do not allow  refunds of design sets or tutorials.  If the software is defective, it will be exchanged for the same product.

Disk one: 
Art work used in the tutorial
Design files 
Programmable stitch fills and 
  motifs used in the tutorial
Shortcut and special codes

 Digitizing Section 1

Entering Text onto Design Page
    Outlined Text
    Text Transformed
    Fancy Monograms
    Fit text to path
    Cross Stitch Letters
Appliqué Wizard
Reverse Appliqué
Plaid Fills
Manually punch a design
Floral design
Added effects to lace
Lace Pocket
Raggedy Quilt Squares
Outlined/Shadow Text

Disk two: 
Layout and Editing Section 1

Parts of the Layout and Editing Screen
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Attribute Bars
Thread Chart
Toolbox tools
Status Bar

Disk three: 
Layout and Editing Section 2

Stitch Types
Stitch Attribute Settings
Problems -Workarounds and Solutions
New Features

Programmable Stitch Creator

Parts of the Programmable Stitch Creator Screen - Fill/Stamp
Parts of the Programmable Stitch  Creator Screen - Motif Fills
Menu Bar
Tool Bar - Fill/Stamp Mode
Tool Bar - Motif Mode
Creating Fills/Stamps
Creating Motifs
Engrave versus Emboss
Play with settings

Disk four:  
Design Center

Start up Wizard
Parts of the Design Center Screen
Menu Bars
Attribute Bars
Thread Chart
Stitch Types
Tool Box
Problems and Answers
New Features

Font Creator

Menu Bars
Tool Bar
Character Selection Bar
Marking Lines
Creating Upper Case Letter
Creating Lower Case Letter

Disk 5: 
Design Data Base

Parts of the Design Data Base Screen
Menu Bars
Tool bars
New Features

Digitizing Section 2

Sewing Holes
Decorative Buttonholes
Photostitch 1 color
Designs with too many stitches
Resizing and keeping fills
Badges and patches
Faux Fillet crochet
DST designs and their colors
Playing with purchased designs
Stitching appliqués
Design Database
Drawing line vs. manually punch line
Feathered Edges
Fringe Flower
Running stitch design
Multiple designs on a design page
Writing multiple designs to a design card
Custom thread chart
Saving Fill Setting
Feathered edges for fur
Miscellaneous computer tips




New features in PE-design version 7, click on picture above to download a sample file.
Images of designs created in the various lessons

All the designs used in the tutorial are included in the tutorial with the exception of the designs from Criswell and Embroidery Library. The Criswell and Embroidery Library designs are only used as lessons.

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