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NOTICE - Tutorial NEXT is no longer available. Due to upgrades to Adobe Reader, this tutorial is no longer compatible with Adobe Reader.


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Disk one: 

Art work used in the tutorial
Design files 
Designs used in tutorial
Catalog for built in fonts from Layout & Editing

Design Center

Start up Wizard
Parts of the Design Center Screen
Application Button
Quick Access Toolbar
Attribute Settings
Thread Chart
Step by Step Creating a design
Stitch Types
Where is it now
New Features

Programmable Stitch Creator
Parts of the Programmable Stitch Creator Screen - Fill/Stamp
Parts of the Programmable Stitch  Creator Screen - Motif Fills
Application Button
Quick Access Toolbar
Creating Fills/Stamps
Creating Motifs
Where is it now

Design Data Base
Parts of the Design Data Base Screen
Menu Bar
Tool bar
Write to card
New Features

Layout and Editing 
Parts of the Layout and Editing Screen
Application Button
Attribute Pane
Thread Chart
Color Chart Tab

Sewing Order
Stitch Simulator
Design Property
Quick Access Toolbar
Where is it now
Sewing Attribute Tab
New Features

Font Creator

Parts of the Font Creator Screen
Application Button
Design page
Quick Access Toolbar
Where is it now
Creating a character from image
Creating a character from True Type font
What's new in Font Creator


Disk 2 


Design Template
Design Library
Adding multiple designs to the design page
Text Editing
Outlined Text
Fun with Text
International Text
Fit text to outline
Text transformations
Snowflake names
Stacked names
Shadowed text
Merged Text
Appliqué Wizard
Appliqué without the wizard
Fuzzy Appliqué
Appliquéd Text
Reverse Appliqués
Monograms for nap fabric (embossed)
Monograms with purchased font
Name Drop
Cross stitch letters
Appliqué quilt square
Paper and appliqué quilt square 
Appliqué Quilt Square
Crazy Quilt
Raggedy Quilt
Quilt label
Resize a purchased design
Change colors of a purchased design
DST designs
What happened to the colors
Change a color of a portion of a design
Import designs from memory card and edit it
Remove portion of a purchased design
Sewing holes
Remove overlaps
Add Decorative Pattern
Mirror Copy
Circle Copy
Floral pattern
Buttonholes and grommets
Scalloped edged scarf
Auto digitizing
Editing the auto punched design
Vector image to embroidery design
Introduction to manual punch
Manual Punch 
Feathered edges
Candlewick designs
Explanation of lace
Fun with lace
Photo Stitch 1 color
Photo Stitch 1 gray
Faux Fillet crochet
Plaid fills
Badges and patches
Embroidering on a photograph
Unable to fill region
Drawn lines vs manual punched lines
Designs with too many stitches
Transferring custom thread chart to another computer
Saving and reusing motif fill settings
Writing multiple designs to the memory card















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