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Pink lacey cashmere socks                                        Lacey "azure" cashmere socks

Satchel purse - click image to download directions

Pouch evening purse - click image to download directions

75 of of  the 550+ chemo caps that I have knitted.  When the shops have a great sale on yarn, I stock up on and then have fun trying different combinations of yarns and colors.  I keep a knitting bag supplied with yarn and needles so when I have to wait for my daughter I can knit.  I call it "instead of spare change for charity, spare time for charity".  Click on the picture above to download directions for knitting your own chemo cap.


Aran style sweater I just finished. I bought the yarn while in Ireland a couple of years ago on the Aran islands. I designed the sweater for my husband, it is dark peat grey/brown with flecks of reds/blues/yellows/green.


Knit with merino dk weight yarn from Colourmart.  My own pattern for the shrug using a print of the waves pattern. Knit from the center to the cuffs.

Cashmere neck scarf done in a basketweave

Pink Petal Scarf - click  for directions

knit with pink marl cashmere yarn

All the cashmere yarn is from England. I buy it from a shop at ColourMartUK  As my grandma would say "if you are going to spend time knitting something, use good quality materials".

The button on this sweater are Caribou antlers from Alaska.

Above picture is a close up of the pattern on the back for the sweater to the left.

Above picture is a close up of the pattern for the sweater to the right.

I like to mix and match various Aran style patterns to create my own sweaters.  A one of a kind.


Images of some of the socks I have been knitting (this is about half of them, don't have pictures of all the socks I have knit)




The images above are from a pair  of socks, lace on the front, cables on the back



Above image, my first, second and third                                  These stripped socks were knit on 00000 (otherwise known a 5 zeros)
attempt at color work. One color in a each hand.  

This was a fun knit. I had some thicker sock yarn that I didn't like and knit a dodecahedron. This was a free pattern on the internet. Click on the image to go to the web page for your own copy of the pattern 

  An aran style sweater knit from Cascade 220  

White sparkle cashmere shawl

Yak stole



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