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Quilt made from the Stesha Monograms.  

Tote bag with nautical flags stitched on fiberglass screen.  I do NOT recommend screening to be used for knitting bags, the needles tend to fall through the bag or at least poke holes in it.  Screen bags are great for carrying dirty shoes in, just rinse.
Pillow stitched with Raggedy and Crazy Quilt designs on flannel.  This makes for a nice cuddly pillow just perfect for those cold nights or when a child needs an extra hug.
Pillow stitched with various designs from Too Crewel and Most Crewel

Quilt stitched with the same design from Most Crewel in each square but a different thread in each. Each flower is stitched with a different Superior Threads variegated thread with coordinating color for the leaves. Center flower is stitched with a metallic thread.

Close up views of the designs. Amazing how color can so affect the looks of a design. Don't be afraid of using different colors and brands of threads when you stitch your designs.

Quilt stitched with the Finger spelling letter set.  

Close up view of the letter J on the quilt.
Quilters - please forgive my lack of ability in the quilting and piecing, I am still learning this amazing craft, this was first attempt at stippling.  

This is a very old lamp that my grandma had rescued from the trash in the 1930's. The lamp shade she made had lost its charm so I needed to make a new one. I used a lamp shade kit from the fabric store where you peel off the paper and the lamp shade is sticky. Use the paper as a template to cut out the fabric.  Most crewel designs are stitched on the dupioni silk fabric.

This is a frame for three pictures, instead of using pictures, I framed a monogram using letter set from Letter Set 2 - Clef on a piece of fabric and placed it into the frame.

Boo Boo Bunny is wearing a onesie with designs from the Sign Language set. Above in the proper place on the back side "Caution: Hazardous Waste Storage"

Boo Boo Bunny wearing a onesie with designs from the Sign Language set.  The design says " Caution: Ear Protection Required."



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