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Carol Price's background include art and engineering.  Technical writing was one of her favorite classes and drafting.  Drafting at the time was still done at large tables, there were no home computers yet.  Yes electricity had been invented by then (you can tell that there are teenagers in the house). 

Carol Price has been involved with the home embroidery community for over 10 years.  She started out with Pe-design version 1.  Online was a great place to exchange ideas and learn how to make the most use out of the program.  Carol began writing lessons for her friends when they asked how to create some effects.  One day a friend suggested that Carol write a book for them.  A business was born.  Since that time Carol has released tutorials for every version of Pe-design starting with version 2.


There will be no more tutorials released via DVD or flash drive. The market has spoken and free you tube videos are now what is expected. While I do enjoying helping people, I don't have the time to record videos and upload them for free.  


Carol is available to teach at embroidery events or small groups.  


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