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I have Windows 8 and have issues

Make sure to use ONLY ADOBE ACROBAT READER to view the PDF file.

Make sure install the TSCC.dll file as described on the card insert in the DVD box.

When you double click on a video icon there will be a Windows message asking if you want to trust this document. Make sure to click on your choice and then double click on the video icon again.

I don't know how to get Adobe Reader to open the tutorial

If you do not know how to have Adobe Reader be the default reader for the tutorial:

1.       1. Click on the folder icon in the lower left corner of the computer screen to open Windows Explorer.

Click on the arrow in front of the DVD drive to expand out the folders.  

When a PDF icon shows up on the right side of the screen and it does NOT show the Adobe Reader icon in the lower right corner of the screen (it is red square with a white icon) you will need to change file associations so that the PDF will automatically open with Adobe Reader (you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it is a free download from )

Right click on the PDF and a menu pops up on the computer screen.

Click on “Open with…”

“Open with” dialog box opens.

a.       If Adobe Reader is one of the options showing, click on it and click OK in the lower right corner of the dialog box.

b.      If Adobe Reader does not show up in the Open with dialog box, click on the Browse button to search your computer.

7.       Now when you double click on a PDF file, it will open automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: these directions were written for Windows 7, other operating systems directions maybe slightly different.



IF you DO NOT wish to make Adobe Reader your default program to open PDFs, you still can use Adobe Reader to open just the tutorial.

Note these directions are for Adobe Reader XI  

1.  Start  Adobe Reader

Click Open and the Open dialog box pops up

Click on the arrow to expand out your DVD drive contents 

Click on the folder name to show the contents of that folder on the right side of the screen

Click on the PDF and click on the Open Button


How do I place a credit card order?

Click on the Add to Cart button to order. Please note that delivery time will vary due to the local postal office and the package clearing customs. Price of items is in US dollars.  The only postal option listed is United States Priority Mail. When I take your order to the post office I will use the fastest method available for your country that is within the postal rates charged.

Will the tutorial run on an Apple.

 The videos do not run on an Apple computer. You can view the PDF if you have Adobe Acrobat on the Apple.  The program used to produce the videos is not Apple compatible.

After I finish learning how to digitize with your tutorial, can I sell it?

No, the End User License agreement is for the original owner only. You may not sell the tutorial.

I am unable to view the videos in your (Monogram Wizard+, What's New in Pe-design, Non-digitizer Guide to version 7, Complete Tutorial 7,8 or NEXT tutorial. What can I do?

 If you are unable to view those videos, then you can download the TSCC codec driver from  and restart your computer.

I can't hear your video sample on your web page.

You will need speakers or headphones to hear the audio portion of the tutorial. Make sure that they are turned on and turned up. Go to your Windows - Programs -Accessories - Volume control. Make sure that your speakers are turned on and the volume is high enough to hear.

Speakers on computers vary in quality, you may need to use headphones or ear buds if your speakers are not loud enough. Notebook computers seem to have the "quietest" speakers.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges vary by the price of the item and if it is shipped domestically or international. Rates include shipping and handling.  

Price of items up to $65.00 - shipping 1st class mail $3.50
Price of items over $65.00 - priority shipping $6.50

All items will be shipped via the fastest method available for the destination for the price of shipping: $24.50   If the difference of international mail charge is more than $2.00 I will refund part of the difference.  

All prices are in U.S. Dollars

When will my order arrive in Europe?

Tutorials are sent via United States Post Office Priority mail.  While this service may be as fast as 10 days for delivery, it is not unknown for it to take 6 weeks.  There is no tracking service available at this rate.  If you need tracking or faster service, there is a surcharge for other options.  Sometimes the tutorials are stuck in a container that receives more scrutiny  than others, it is all random.  Also if you are in the UK check with your local customs service, sometimes they are holding your package but forget to send you a notice.  


I ordered through Paypal with a check. When can I expect my order to be mailed?

 Paypal suggests that orders not be shipped until the check clears.  That usually takes 4 business days.

Can you give me any information about the program disks for PE-design available on a popular auction site?

In most cases the auctions for PE-design are for copies of the software. The seller is selling a disk that looks like the label for the PE-design but they are not the original disks. The seller claims that these will work with any "box", this is not the case. PE-design software requires the reader/writer module from Brother (or the Babylock Palette version) as a security device. PE-design will look for the reader/writer module before opening and during the operation of the software.

If the seller is selling a "code" or "patch" this is an illegal crack of the Pe-design software. A red flag for the unauthorized copies would be that the auction is "private" the sellers feedback is private, the seller is selling multiples or if the price is under $100. Remember the price for the full software and the reader/writer module is several hundred dollars.

I am so confused about the various upgrades for the PE-design 6 and what comes with them. Which one do I buy if I have PE-design version 2?

There are three different packages available in order to purchase version 6.

1. Full version 6 is the box to buy if you have no Pe-Design or Palette software. This box will contain a USB connected reader/writer box, software, manual and a memory card to use in your embroidery machine.

2. Upgrade from 5 will be the version to buy if you have a version 5 on your computer. This version 5 does not need to be a full version, you can have any full version on your computer and then an upgrade to 5. This version will contain only software. When you update your computer, it will need to be connected to the internet so as to update your reader/writer box.

3. Update from version 1 - 4. This upgrade will work for any version of 1-4 you have installed on your computer. This package will come with software, manual, USB reader/writer box and new embroidery memory card.

I am so confused about the various upgrades for the PE-design 7 and what comes with them. Which one do I buy if I have PE-design version 2?

There are only two options to purchase version 7.

1. If you have any full version of PE-design 1-4 and an upgrade to either 5 or 6 Or if you own a full version 5/6  you can purchase the upgrade to version 7.  Version 7 upgrade only consists of software.

2. If you have any full version of PE-design 1-4 and no upgrade to 5-6 then you will either need to purchase an upgrade to 5 or 6 and then the upgrade to 7 or purchase the full version 7.  Full version 7 will include software, a USB connected reader/writer module and a new blank memory card.  

I have Pe-design Lite and would like to upgrade to the full version of Pe-design.

At one time there was an upgrade from Lite to Version 5 but that is no longer available. While the reader writer boxes for Lite and the Full version look the same, they are not.  You may be able to find the upgrade at an auction site on line, but make sure that it is not used.  The serial number will only work for one reader writer box and once it is used it can't be used again.  After you upgrade your Lite reader writer box to version 5, then you can upgrade to another version.

Can I view your tutorial on my TV using the CD player?

No, this is a computer CD. It will not play on a DVD player that is not part of a computer. They use different coding.

Are the tutorials in any other language?

I am sorry the tutorials are only in English. My French and German are very poor.  My daughter studied Latin for 3 years but I don't think that there is a big call for the tutorial in Latin.   

How do I install your tutorial on the computer?

The tutorial is not installed on your hard drive. It is completely contained on the CD-Rom disk that you received. You will just need to follow the on screen directions in the Welcome.exe file which is a stand alone video to give you helpful hints.

Can I use your tutorial for my customers to teach them to use their software.

No I am sorry you may not. That would be a copyright violation. My tutorial is for a single user and you may not show it to a group either for free or for a fee. Teachers that teach at various retreats set a per student fee and it is not proper to use this tutorial instead of teachers.

How do I open a PDF file?

You will need to use Windows Explore to view the contents of your cd drive. This is not the internet browser. Place your tutorial CD in your cd drive. If you don't know how to get to Windows Explore:

1. in the lower left side of your screen in the START button, with the right mouse, click on the word START

2. a pop up window will appear, near the top is the word EXPLORE, left click on the word EXPLORE

3. A new window opens, there are two columns there. The left side shows the folders and directories. The right side will show the contents of the selected folder or directory.

4. from the left column, scroll down until you get to the cd drive letter, this will be near the bottom your list.

5. click on the name of the cd in your drive called Tutorial

6. in the right column you will now see the various files on the cd.

7. double click on one of the PDF files in the right column to open it. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer it should open up in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

May I sell garments or articles with your designs stitched on them?

Yes you may sell the stitch outs that you create with my designs. You may NOT sell the computer file of the design though.

When I play your tutorial I am getting an echo sound what is wrong?

There can be two things that are causing this. One is your screen saver. The computer had a screen saver of underwater theme, that caused the tutorial to sound like it was coming from an echo chamber. You will need to remove that screen saver and re-boot the computer. Or you could have a built in microphone and the microphone is picking up the sound from the tutorial and playing it back. Go into your Accessories and check your entertainment for sound recorder or volume control and turn off your microphone.

I need to reinstall Pe-design version 4 and I can't get it to work.

You need to make sure that you have a real printer port for the dongle (not a USB to printer port).  Also make sure to download the Windows XP patch from either Brother or Babylock site. When version 4 was released, XP was not the operating system out so there is a patch to help it run.

When I play your videos through Windows media I can't hear them.

The videos on the tutorial are not configured to play through media player.  The videos on tutorials: All version 7, 8 and NEXT tutorials, computer basics tutorial and the Monogram Wizard tutorial are run through Adobe Acrobat reader. The videos are coded for that program.  For some reason that causes the sound not to play if you try to play videos through Windows media player.

Do I need permission to resize your designs?

No you do not need my permission to resize the designs to best suit your needs. Please do a test stitch out because I size the designs with the fills for optimal stitch quality. If you resize a satin stitch design to be way larger, the fill will not look the same as the original.

Do your tutorials work with Windows Vista?

Tutorials 7,8 and NEXT, What's New in Version 7, Non-digitizers Guide to PES, Monogram Wizard Plus Tutorial and Computer Basics all run well in Vista. 

Tutorials for Pe-design versions 2-6 do not run as well on Vista as they do in Windows XP.

I changed my mind about using a tutorial can I return it?

Because of the nature of the product, we do not allow  refunds of design sets or tutorials.  If the software is defective, it will be exchanged for the same product.

I changed my mind about which design set I want, can I return it for a different one?

Because of the nature of the product, we do not allow  refunds of design sets or tutorials.  If the software is defective, it will be exchanged for the same product.

I am unable to view the videos from tutorial 7, 8 or NEXT on my computer.

You need to check that you are running the videos through the PDF document and not through Windows Media player.  

Check to see if you are able to view the video samples from my web page. If you are unable to view those videos, then you can download a driver from  .  

My tutorial ran great for awhile and now I am unable to get it to open.

Check the underside of the cd for fingerprints, scratches, smudges or dirt. Carefully clean the cd by wiping from the center to the outside. Do not wipe the bottom of the cd in a circle. 

I have the Babylock Palette software, will your tutorial cover my program?

Yes, Brother Pe-design and Babylock Palette are the same software, I just do not have permission to associate the Babylock name on my tutorials.


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