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PE-Design/Palette NEXT (9) complete tutorial


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Simply the best tutorials for Brother's Pe-design.



The tutorial for Pe-design NEXT (9) has been discontinued due to compability issues with Adobe Acrobe Reader.



Tutorial 10!!!

PE-Design 10 tutorial 


PE-Design 10 covers all the features in version 10. Also included in the tutorial are PDFs that catalog all the designs included in PE-Design 10, screen shots of every font and the characters included, chart for "where is it now" to help you find the where some of the features have been moved, glossary of embroidery terms,  and CSV files to import thread charts from various thread companies.

900+  pages of printable notes and 300+ video lessons covering the written text.



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To celebrate National PI Day -here is a free design just for the geeks, nerds, math wizards and 4th graders out there. Click on the image to download your Pi a la Mode design.


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